Terms of use

І. General provisions and identification

BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU is an on-line catalogue for presentation of natural persons and legal entities from different countries that perform some economic activity and providing goods and services on the market. It is unique in its organizational form and scope and is the result of collaboration between companies and organizations from several countries in Southeast Europe.

Owner of the content of the website is:

Balkan Small Business Association

  1. Name: Balkan Small Business Association

  2. Legal form: Non-governmental organization

  3. Seat and registered address: Sofia, 55 Todor Kableshkov, entr.A, fl.3, office 6

  4. Mailing address: Sofia, 58 Bulgaria blvd., entr.A, fl.7, office 32

  5. Phone: 00359 2 980 99 16

  6. Email: office@mbb-org.eu

  7. Website: www.mbb-org.eu


Administrators of the website are the organizations providing the services of BUSINESS-PROFILES in the relevant counries as follows:

In Albania:

  1. Name: Albanian national professional, businesswomen and crafts association (SHGPAZ)

  2. Legal form: Non-governmental organization

  3. Address:Rr.Mujo ulqinaku, pall.Kristian Konstruction,kati 1, ap.9 Tirana-Albania

  4. Phone: 00355 4 2235726

  5. Email: info.shgpaz@yahoo.com

  6. Website: http://www.shgpaz.al/


In Kosovo:

  1. Name: Craftsmen and Entrepreneurs Association of Prizren

  2. Legal form: Non-governmental organization

  3. Address:Rruga "Quedra Zejtare(Shadervan)" p.n., Prizren 20 000, Kosovo

  4. Phone: 00381 29 222 323

  5. Email: afrimtejeci@gmail.com

  6. Website: http://www.shzap.org


In Montenegro:

  1. Name: Montenegro Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Entrepreneurship

  2. Legal form: Non-governmental organization

  3. Address: Njegoševa 45 (PC Petrović) MNE-81000 Podgorica

  4. Phone: +382 (0)20 667 810

  5. Email: zanatskibiro@gmail.com

  6. Website: www.zanapredak.me


In Serbia:

  1. Name: Association of Entrepreneurs and Craftsmen of Nis

  2. Legal form:

  3. Address: 4 Prijezdina Str., 18000 Nis, Serbia

  4. Телефон: 00381 18 241 543

  5. Email: zanatlije@open.telekom.rs

  6. Website: www.uzip.org.rs


Author of the catalogue and responsible for its update is the company Total IT Ltd.

  1. Name: Total IT Ltd.

  2. Legal form: Limited Company

  3. ID number: 200420446

  4. Main activity: Development of web based applications and software, maintenance and sale of computer equipment

  1. Address : Bulgaria, Sofia, 6 Shipka Str, fl.1, office 3

  2. Phone: +359 899 10 15 60

  1. Email:  office@totalit.bg

       8. Website: www.totalit.bg


The catalogue can be found on the following website:     www.business-profiles.eu 

The present Terms of Use regulate the relationship between the owner, administrator and author of the site on the one hand (hereinafter referred to as BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU), the customers of the website (hereinafter referred to as CUSTOMERS) and users of the website on the other hand (hereinafter referred to as USERS).

CUSTOMER is every physical body or legal entity that has registered in the BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU and has provided information which is available and accessible on the online catalogue.

USERS of the website are all physical persons or legal entities, foundations, public and municipal institutions and bodies or other subjects which have loaded the domain BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU in their browsers and thus have access to the website’s content.  

BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU will give the unique opportunity to customers and users to view the website’s content or to make use of it in the manners described in these Terms of Use and upon explicitly agreeing to them. These Terms of Use define and regulate also the relationships between BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU and the customers and users benefiting the services of the business catalogue.

The use of the content of BUSIENESS-PROFILES.EU by the customers of the website is considered Agreement to the Terms of Use.  Customers who do not agree to the Terms of Use are exempt from the engagement to use the services of the business catalogue. Business-profiles.eu provides its services without assuming any responsibility for any physical or logical problems occurred on the users’ computers as data loss, computer virus infection and etc. 

BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU provides unobstructed, direct and permanent access for customers, users and competent bodies to the contact information of the owner, administrators and author of BUSENESS-PROFILES.EU by its publication in the present Terms of Use and available on BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU website.

BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU is a platform where all operating companies on the territory of Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro can advertise, promote themselves and become more easily found on the Internet.

All services offered by BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU can be used only for activities not prohibited by law.

Sending unsolicited mail and / or generation of electronic messages with malicious purposes are breaching the policy of BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU.

As undesired mail are classified messages with advertising purpose sent through the  "keywords" tool to  numerous customers of the catalogue that have not requested to receive this kind of information.

II. Rights and obligations of BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU

Publication of information provided by the customer and keeping it up-to-date. Timely performing the service and registration upon payment of subscription. BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU informs its customers that as date of payment is considered the date of the bank transfer statement.

Timely correction or update of records upon customers’ request. Revision of incorrectly submitted data about the company. Businesss-profiles.eu bears the responsibility not to allow pornographic, erotic or other content violating the laws of the Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and the international acts to be published on the website.

BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU does not publish information about the participating companies and physical persons without their explicit agreement, except for in the cases where the rights and interests of BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU have been violated or if the act of their publishing has been requested by the national authorities according to the respective legal procedures.

BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU reserves the right to terminate its relationship with the customer without prior notice in case it comes upon violations in the implementation of the Terms Of Use, the laws of the Republic of Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia  and the international acts . It also does not owe any kind of compensation to the customer in this case.

BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU assumes no responsibility for customers’ relations with third parties and does not take any responsibility for benefits foregone and incurred damages arising from such relationships.

BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU reserves the right to change and improve its services at any time, undertakes to notify its customers. If customers do not express disagreement with the changes in a given deadline, it is considered that they are committed to them. 

III. Rights and obligations of customers

The Customer bears full responsibility for the meaning and accuracy of the information published in the catalogue and engages that it does not contradict to the laws of Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and the international acts.

In case of subsequent disagreement with the policy and set on behalf of BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU terms and conditions to customers, the customer can terminate ahead –of-term its relationship with BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU, but is not entitled to any compensation and benefits.

With expressions of interest in joining BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU the customer waives all rights to the wording, layout and structure of the information provided and declares that there is relevant copyrights that allow it to provide to BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU the requested pictures, graphics, logos and other needed materials.

The customer has no right to enter information violating the moral norms, rights and freedoms of citizens under the Constitution of Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro and international acts.

IV. Rights and obligations of users

User is any person who has loaded the domain business-profiles.eu in his/her browser or otherwise obtains access to the website’s content business-profiles.eu. User is only entitled to get acquainted and use the information provided by business-profiles.eu according to its commercial use - namely, to establish a connection with the relevant Customers.

User may not without the explicit written consent of BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU, manually or by computer programs / scripts, bots, etc.. / extract the contents or parts of the site content business-profiles.eu, including the data provided by customers which in its wording, layout and structure is subject to the provided to BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU copyright by customers and copy published photos, graphics, logos and other materials on the website.

Customers and users can only use the information from BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU but have no right to withdraw it in any way, sell, resell it or provide it to third parties. 

V. Technical requirements

The text information for publishing into BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU can be sent per mail, received on site or provided by phone. The graphical information is submitted by mail.

Requirements for the type and volume of information:

1. Company description - no more than 2,000 characters;

2. Description of products or services - no more than 1,000 characters each;

3. Graphic images (company logo, a picture to the company description, products, services, offices, shops, etc.) - Should be in JPG format. For questions call or write an e-mail  to your administrator in the country.

VI. Copyright

The database, information about companies in business-profiles.eu, published logos, photographs, images, layout and structure of data available on the website are copyrighted.

All financial and organizational initiative for the collection, arrangement, control and selection of information available under the domain www.business-profiles.eu, is a product of the Balkan Small Business Association and administrators in Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro.

Software, maintenance, optimization and website’s updates are subject to copyright of Total IT Ltd.

Business-profiles.eu database is publicly available to customers and users. The Copyright of the database belongs to the entity which has performed the selection or arrangement of the information included.

Each company performing competitive activity as referred to in the CPA  and uses information, taken by business-profiles.eu in violation of the law, will be held accountable.