Petroleum Industry of Serbia

The head office of the Group is in Novi Sad, and its main production capacities are located all over the Republic of Serbia, which is, owing to its geographical position, the center of trade and investments in the Balkans.

In Serbia, NIS owns a refining compound, with two units, one in Pancevo and the other in Novi Sad, an LPG production unit, as well as a network of petrol stations in Serbia and the neighboring countries. In accordance with the long term Strategy providing for the expansion of business outside Serbia, NIS has expanded its business operations to the regional markets: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

In support of the EU integration process of Serbia representative office was opened in Brussels. Representative offices of NIS operate in Russia, Turkmenistan, Angola, Bulgaria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia.

In 2012, NIS began expanding its operations in the fields of electricity generation, wind generation, and geothermal energy.

Russian company Gazprom Neft owns 56.15 % of the share capital of NIS, while 29.87 % of NIS shares are held by the Republic of Serbia. The remaining portion belongs to citizens, employees, former employees and other minor shareholders. NIS shares are listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange.

  • NIS - Motor Fuel

    The quality of motor fuels directly affects an engine’sperformance and its life expectancy, as well as exhaust gas emission and, by implication, the quality of the air we breathe.
    All types of motor fuel undergo strict and regular laboratory control, and are compliant with the Regulations on Technical and Other Requirements for Liquefied Fuel Originating from Crude Oil. In addition, Euro Premium BMB95, G-Drive 100, Ultra D and Euro Diesel comply with European quality standards.
    In response to customer needs, NIS petrol stations offer the following types of fuel:

    • G-Drive 100
    • ULTRA D premium euro diesel
    • Euro BMB 98
    • Ezropremium BMB 95
    • Eurodiesel
    • LPG
    • CNG
  • NIS - Fuel oil

    • Low-sulphur fueloil (NSG-S) is a blended residual and distillate fuel which must be preheated during transport, storage, and use, and it is intended for use in metallurgy and for all industry plants where a low sulphur content is required, as well as for power units.
    • Medium fuel oil (S) is used in industry, agriculture, and for power units, specifically in systems for which the burner manufacturer requires the use of this type of fuel.
    • Extra light fuel oil (EURO EL)is a distillate fuel intended for industrial use, professional use, and for power units. It is intended for vaporization burners, as well as for all pressure burners, without the possibility of preheating fuel.
  • NIS - Compressed gas

    NIS is the first large petrol station network in the country to include compressed natural gas in its product range, thus confirming once again its position of the leader in innovations on the market of Serbia and the region.  NIS continues to develop this activity further, planning to make this type of energy-generating product available to its customers at around 20 locations throughout Serbia by end of 2020.

    NIS Petrol filling station “Novi Sad 10” is the first retail unit of this product. In July 2016, NIS has started selling the CNG at the NIS Petrol station “Čačak 1” as well.

    NIS intends to extend this activity, so its plan is to develop retail of CNG at 20 filling stations in Serbia by 2020.

  • NIS - Bottled gas

    NIS markets several types of gas cylinders in Serbia with multiple purposes:2 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg (for household purposes) and 35 kg cylinders (for industrial purposes).

  • Aviation fuel

    NIS offers the following types of jet fuel:

    • Jet fuel Jet A-1 compliant with the Defence Standard 91-91/issue no. 7, produced at the Pančevo refinery
    • Aircraft fuel (Avgas 100LL) compliant with the Defence Standard 91-90/issue no. 3, supplied to various airlines

    Airliners landing at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade and Konstantin Veliki Airport in the city of Niš owned by air carriers which have no signed agreements with NIS can be re-fuelled if their pilots have credit cards issued by World Fuel Services or Master Card, Euro Card, American Express or Visa International payment cards.

  • NIS - Oils and lubricants

    NIS has a long tradition of producing lubricants. NIS boasts a wide range of products including the international Italian-made G-Energy brand and the regional brand NISOTEC.

    NISOTEC produces the following types of oils and lubricants:

    • NISOTEC motor oils
    • NISOTEC transmission oils
    • NISOTEC oils for agricultural and construction machines
    • NISOTEC brake fluid
    • NISOTEC anti-freeze
    • NISOTEC windshield liquid
    • NISOTEC hydraulic oils, compressor oils, oils for transmitters
    • NISOTEC greases


  • NIS - Petrol Stations

    NIS owns more than 400 petrol stations in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Bulgaria .

    In line with the overall Company retail network modernisation in Serbia and its regional growth strategy, NIS is present on the market with two retail brands – NIS Petrol and Gazprom.

    NIS Petrol mass consumption brand offers consumers reliability, availability, modern service standards and guaranteed petroleum product quality. NIS Petrol is the largest network in Serbia. In addition to Serbia, the NIS Petrol network also operates in the Republic of Srpska.

    Aiming to increase efficiency and the retail market share in Serbia and the region, in late 2012 NIS launched a premium petrol station brand – Gazprom. Gazprom brand facilities offer European-standard petrol, high-quality oils and lubricants and other products, as well as Wi-Fi internet and a rich restaurant menu including regional cuisine.

    Today the Gazprom network has 16 petrol stations in Serbia, 18 in Romania, 35 in Bulgaria, and 27 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    All new and reconstructed petrol stations have modern multifunctional petrol pumps which offer our consumers European-quality petroleum products – Euro Premium BMB95, BMB98, Euro Diesel, Premium Diesel Ultra D, Premium petrol G-drive 100 and LPG. The petrol stations are open 24 hours a day, they have shops with a wide range of products, cafes and restaurants with internet access, spacious parking lots, playgrounds, and wheelchair access.



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