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Altis Chemicals offers Vehicle Fluids, Motor Oils, Industrial and Metalworking Oils.

Altis Chamicals distinguishes itself by producing top quality products at competitive prices. Apart from efficient production and delivery for its customers, Altis Chemicals also provide product support in advising our clients on the best usage, choice of products and their most resourceful use, thus further lowering costs for its clients. 

The company offers Oils and Lubricants for the following industries: Automobil Construction Agriculture Metalworking and Other Industries that use Industrial Oils. Altis Chemicals Technical Consultant Chemical engineer, Mr. Savo Nijemčević is a renowned expert with many years of experience and successes in production, innovation, leadership, and investing in government and private companies in the lubricants industry. He started his career as a member of the engeneering team that founded Oil Refinery Modriča, a well known brand in ex-Yugoslavia. At the Rafinery, he held positions such as Production director, R&D director, Investment Lead in construction of Base Oil and paraffin production, and finally a Development Strategy Board member. Since 2007 Mr. Nijemčević has been leading the production at Altis Chemicals.

 Altis Chemicals

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