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Fashion Tailoring Atelier Ltd. was founded on 15th of July, 2013 in Kotor by fashion dressmaker and owner Lida Marđonović. 

The name of the brand "LidaMard" is the derivative of the Owner’s first letters of the name and surname. The extension ".me" is the Montenegrin web domain, which signifies also the country of origin.

“I make fashion prototypes, design female garment and sew models with publicly available license according to individual measures, taste and style of my clients.”

No matter whether you are a business woman, manager at a high position, journalist, pop star, an expert in your field, a student, a young lady at the beginning of the career, or a person who wants to express your identity or satisfy the functionality, my Fashion tailoring atelier will do everything to provide to you useful information from the world of fashion and professional tailoring services.

”My business mission is to allow my clients to find or to improve their own individual style and outfit in the most simple, modern and affordable way possible and to be satisfied with their own appearance.”

Measurements, fittings and consultations on TUESDAYS and SATURDAYS from 09 to 13 hours in my Atelier in Kotor in Ljuta or via Skype:


• Expert help to find or improve your own dressing style for all kinds of occasions.

• Design and creating unique pieces of bespoke garment 

• Thousands of models with publicly available patterns in our, which can be tailored according your individual measures.

• High-quality crafting by using the most modern technologies and equipment. 

• Business excellence and certainty in all stages of production including Just-in-Time Policy* and Satisfaction Guaranty Policy**.

• Fair price of 15 € per hour. Hourly rate includes 60 minutes of effective work. To create an individual model it takes usually 5-20 hours depending on the difficulty and details.

• You can bring your own fabric or ask us to purchase it according to your choice.

• The „Emergency start” service is intended to the ladies who cannot wait for the proposed delivery date. This service provides absolute priority over all other activities and will be extra charged 5 € per hour.

• Satisfaction of achievement/improvement of your unique style and fashion expression.

* Just-in-Time Policy implies a compensation of 5 € for each day of a possible delay.

** Satisfaction Guaranty Policy includes one free adjustment for a period of 10 years, which allows the supplement for the seam. In case of any complaint about our mistakes we accept all corrections and delivery costs.


The ordering process for unique creations is very simple. 

It begins with a detailed consultation about the idea, purpose and desire. We will determine your confection number and / or deviations from the size. 

This may be in our Atelier or through an online Form for taking body measurements:

Then you will get our offer and delivery date. Your model we will be delivered per DHL courier or in any other way agreed. 

If you want a model with the publicly available pattern, you will find a "Request for non-binding offer and delivery date" in our website:

You will get our answer within 24 hours. You should get the pattern over the respective website due to respect of copyrights. Your model will be completed and delivered at the exactly agreed time (about 15 days).

I look forward to your call. Enjoy the fascinating world of fashion and tailoring craft.

Lida Mardjonovic
Fashion Tailoring Atelier Ltd.
Kotor - 85330, MONTENEGRO 
Ljuta, Trg Sv. Petra 1

Mob: +382 (0)69 53 52 52
Tel: +382 (0)32 303 585
Fax: +382 (0)32 303 584

GPS code: 42.482158, 18.764622
PIN: 02944308

  • LidaMard suknja Fragola

    LidaMard suknja Fragola dizajnirana i izrađena u Modnom krojačkom ateljeu u Kotoru, Crna Gora.

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Fashion Tailoring Atelier

Address: Kotor Ljuta, Trg Sv. Petra 1

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