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Faf & Co takes care about your health and comfort by producing top quality spring-mattresses.

Company “FAF & Co” was founded in 1995 and its main activity is manufacturing of spring-mattresses. Until 2002, it was in partnership relation with Italian company. 
Since 2003 until today, the company is under private Montenegro ownership and ever since then it is in constant growth, on all basis. Company “FAF & Co” takes care about health and comfort for the past 18 years, making top quality FAFflex spring-mattresses.
Relying on tradition and modern technology in production which is in conformity with highest standards, company “FAF & Co” is making products which are made to last and to satisfy the all need of the customer. 
At its ownership, the company have an area of 1800 m² which represents the factory itself, 4 offices, storage facilities, show-room and bonded warehouse of 400 m². Until this moment, technology line is fully completed as well as the production process of spring-mattresses. Company also have in its ownership all the machines necessary for quality and undisturbed production process of spring-mattresses. 
Today, the “FAF & Co” company makes, besides the spring-mattresses as its basic, leading product, also manufactures upper-mattresses, linen (sheets, pillow slips…), blankets, sleeping pillows, garden pillows, spring cores, beach deck chairs, spring foldable articles and provides distribution of finished products as well. 
By using latest and modern materials: bonel core made of impregnated wire 2,2mm, pocket type cores, hard cooked felt, cotton batting, cotton, raw wool, sponge, latex , memo-foam, HR foam, coconut, cashmere, horse hair, see-weed, sawed linen and exhaust valves we managed to achieve high level of quality so our mattress adjust itself to the body anatomy, a postulation for a healthy and comfortable rest. 
Company “FAF & Co” since 2012 is representative of one of the world largest companies in sponge production, the “VITAFOAM” from Great Britain. They have sponge available in all densities and can be cut in any thickness required. 
  • Beach Pads

    Beach Pads - ideal for hotels, beach restaurants bar, home or veranda.


    - Blanket for single-bed and blanket for twin-bed

    - Children’s blankets

    - Sawed linen with synthetic cotton of 350gr/m2

    - 100% cotton linen

  • Foam Pillow

    Memory form foam pillows. 

  • Memory Foam Mattress

    This mattress is of a medium hardness with a thin layer of the memory foam. The mattress adapts perfectly to the shape and weight of the body. The mattress beside therapeutic properties is characterized by a number of advantages.

    The composition of the mattress is: designed highly elastic HR foam with a density of 18cm of 35 kg / m³ and hardness of 3.6 kPa, and the 3 zones on both sides, designed vasco memory foam of 3cm density 50 kg / m³ and hardness of 2.0 kPa.

    The specificity is that it improves the quality of sleep because you do not have continually to change the position of the body during sleep. When you get up the memory foam returns to its original shape. The mattress is made of 7 orthopedic zones which are also called comfort zone.

    The height of the mattress is 20cm.

    The cover is sewed with an anti-allergic and antibacterial effect, from the highest quality material that ensures a quiet and a high-quality sleep. The cover has got a zipper for an easier removal and washing.

  • Upper Mattresses

    We offer upper mattresses made of following materials:

    1. Memo-foam 3cm and 6cm thick with zipper slip

    2. Cotton – cotton batting with elastic spring for easier hook-up to the mattres

    3. Pure wool – combed, washed and anti-malt sprayed 

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