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Producer of cast plates, printed circuit concrete boards, concrete curbs and gutters, concrete pipes, walls.

The company DOO "ART BETON CO" was founded in 1998. with the intention of introducing new products and technologies from the field of concrete elements, especially in the sector of paving and exterior design, in domestic engineering practice. Our company's products are made of the highest quality natural materials, resistant to frost, wear-out and thaw salt.

In production factories in Podgorica and BijeloPolje greatest variety of exclusive concrete products is being produced. Printed and molten concrete slabs, concrete curbs, gutters, reinforced and unreinforced pipes, culverts, channels and many other elements of the road and parks furniture.

The company very successfully produces the decorative printed concrete as well. Floors made of printed ART BETON concrete are made of specifically projected mix of concrete MB30 additionally reinforced with additives and polypropylene fibers. The variety of colors and textures gives the possibility of choice and of achievement of sophisticated harmony between floor and various type buildings' access paths.

As a solution for industrial floors in buildings heavily exposed to intensive exploitation, as storages and warehouses workers at "ART BETON" successfully derive fair-concrete floors. These floors are shock-resistant, resistant to wear-out, easy to clean, chemically stable and long-lived. The company ART BETON has its own plant for production of decorative stone. Stone is made in molds which are made by directly having printed the relief of the natural stone, and is suited for either covering entire walls or for both interior and exterior detailing of business and private facilities.


The company's locksmith plant is successfully producing elements made of wrought iron: sliding and ordinary gates, inner and outer fences, tables, chairs, etc.

  • Concrete Plates, Gutters, Curbs

    The products are made from finest materials and respond to the latest environmental requirements. They are high resistant to frost and pressure, the special molds used for casting provides standard quality and form. Art Beton  concrete gutters, plates, boards and curbs can be used for paving sidewalks, driveway or garage, bike paths, parking lots, city squares and etc.

  • Decorative stone

    A special molding technology is used in the production of decorative stone that gives it the look of natural stone. It is intended for interior and exterior residential and business facilities.

  • Garden decorations

    Garden decorations made of concrete are ideal for  your  garden: Among outdoor elements can be found: outdoor figures, fountains, flower pots, concrete fences. Outdoor elements can be made in various colors (red, yellow, brown).

  • Printed Walls

    Wall surface printing is a technology that was developed in the American film industry. It is used nowadays to decorate the interior and exterior wall surfaces. To create print walls ART Beton uses special plasters that are resistant to all kinds of climatic and mechanical influences.

  • Wrought iron

    Perfect choice for decorating fences, gates or interior decoration.

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