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The BSBA is a network for exchange of information and good practices in the skilled crafts sector and SMEs.

At present the BSBA unites 24 partner organisations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria,Croatia, Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania and Serbia. Our member organizations are diverse, including Chambers of Skilled Crafts, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Business Associations, Women Business Associations.

The Balkan Small Business Association is a non-profit legal entity, independent of its members, established in compliance with the provisions of the Non-profit Legal Entities Act, its Statutes and the decisions of the General Assembly. 

BSBA Network

According to its statute, the Balkan Small Business Association has the following aims

1. Supporting its members’ efforts for a better positioning of the skilled crafts sector and the small and medium-sized enterprises in the region at the political and social dialogue level;

2. Improving the status of the skilled crafts sector and SMEs in South-East Europe and establishing the modern European concepts of skilled crafts and crafts production in the region;

3. Assisting the craft enterprises and SMEs in growing out of the region and joining the European common market;

4. Supporting the sector’s efforts in improving the quality of handicraft production, in fostering and promoting the innovations in the skilled crafts in the region and in applying best practices from EU member states;

5. Assisting its members in implementing a modern, practically oriented and relevant system for vocational training and qualification. 

In South East Europe the BSBA organizes conferences and seminars on topics important for the skilled crafts sector, microenterprises and SMEs. It has worked and works on projects related to economic cooperation, start-up businesses, better positioning of craftsmanship and SMEs, better placement of craft companies and SMEs on the market and access to foreign markets, active participation of the organizations of SMEs in the political and social dialogue. In the recent years we have organized B2B meetings, trainings on topics like access to finance, developing new services and products, motivation, time management, public relations, recruitment, staff management, networking in business and etc.

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Most of the trainings that we organize are focused on adult learning and continuing education. Within a recently implemented project several mobilities took place: of students and of people on the labour market.

The BSBA association has also established a work group in the field of vocational education and training. The work group consists of representatives of the Ministries or Agencies responsible for vocational education and training in several Balkan countries, i.e. Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia. We have a long experience in vocational training for we have organized and implemented trainings in different craft professions. In the framework of different projects we have implemented trainings in health and body care, hairdressing, wellness and aesthetics, art crafts, cooking, renovation of buildings, solar thermal systems, photovoltaics and biomass trainings.

In the field of vocational training the BSBA offers vocational training courses and qualification for adult for renewable energy sources. For the purposes of the practical part of the training the Balkan Small Business Association has the only mobile solar lab in South East Europe. The mobile solar lab is a minibus supplied with didactic equipment for photovoltaics and solar thermal systems. 

As of recently the Balkan Small Business Association has launched a platform for advertising the training opportunities that we offer to start-ups and young entrepreneurs. It is called the Balkan Academy of Skilled Trades and Entrepreneurship ( ) and offers not only soft skills trainings but also vocational training in solar thermal systems and photovoltaics. 

The BSBA has worked on various projects, EU funded projects as well as projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic cooperation and development and the Ministry of Economy of the German province Rhineland Palatinate.

The Balkan Small Business Assоciation has a strong network of real, functioning associations and chambers in South East Europe and Germany which on their part have strong links to the enterprises. 

  • Continuing education

    Continuing education training opportunities for people already working in the production sector.

  • Vocational traning

    Trainings for acquiring journeyman certificate by the use of German training programmes.

  • Young entrepreneur

    Workshops for young entrepreneurs, start-ups and people willing to start their own business.

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