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Official representative of electrical equipment, measurement equipment, all kind of valves, pumps.

As a partner of industry Novamat supplies the energy industry, petrochemical industry, and plant engineers with reliable and innovative products of the highest quality.

Its services range from the trading and supply of standard fittings, equipment for boiler monitoring, to special valves for turbine control systems.

The company Novamat is more than 25 years old family-owned business constantly striving to provide its customers with reliable and innovative products of the highest quality.
Founded in 1984 with headquarters in Vienna nowadays it has many years of experience in design and construction of fixtures, as well as exclusive sales and technology. Novamat is a leading valve manufacturer.

Based on this know-how and the extensive technical competence as a quality supplier, we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of quality and safe products.

In order to affirm the high quality and reliability of our products and services Novamat has ISO 9001: 2000 certification.

Novamat's range of services and products extends from your home to the power plants. Here are Novamat's offers: 

  • Complete project management from planning  to product. Logistics is an integral part of our customer-service spectrum.
  • Novamat offers technical support.
  • Novamat supplies directly to the location, according to customer requirement, for example, to the construction site. Of course, on request special shipments at any time.
  • Novamat's customers will continue after completion of a project being fully supported, for example through the final documentation, warranty protection and parts procurement.
  • Novamat offers individual solutions for each particular problem


  • Industrial fittings and valves

    Novamat offers high-quality industrial valves of forged steel. Whether you build chemical plants, operate power plants or refining of crude oil, Novamat delivers individual solutions for individual problems. Its products include various valves of the highest quality. In the chemical and petrochemical industry, in conventional and nuclear power plants, waste incineration plants or in the paper industry - everywhere Novamat has convincing valve solutions.

  • Special valves

    The valves which Novamat produces  solve diverse control tasks in a variety of media such as feed water, heating oil and gas, condensate and LP steam. The same applies to steam conditioning valves. Reliability that you can depend on.

    The long experience of Novamat in designing and calculating the valves, guarantee maximum safety and functionality of your plant or project. Detailed calculation sheets, gap-free technical documentation, highest quality special valves and all important safety certifications are our strengths and build confidence.

  • Acoustic technologies

    Novamat is also a supplier of industrial silencers and sound protection hoods. In addition to design, manufacture and assembly of components, we provide our customers with customized solutions.

    Novamat offers all components to ensure sufficient sound insulation for complete industrial plants as well as in individual machines. However, a sufficient sound reduction is possible in almost all cases. 

  • Devices for measurement and control

    Boiler monitoring and boiler control. Novamat provides indicators and devices of measurement and control technology in almost all industrial branches of steam and hot water generation, the generation of process heat, steam sterilization, the chemical industry and the refrigeration industry.

    Whether in power plants, chemical companies, refiners refineries, paper mills, breweries, in the food industry, in sugar production, on ships or in refrigeration technology - everywhere customers rely for many years on Novamat proven and secure devices and indicators.

Novamat Shpk

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