Who We are?

Balkan business catalogue “Business Profiles” is coming to the market in Serbia.

Balkan Small Business Association in collaboration with our partners from Bulgaria and Serbia presents a new product on the market – Balkan business catalogue “Business Profiles”. The aim of this initiative is to stimulate the production in the Balkan region – In the individual countries, as well as in an international aspect, thus improving the sale conditions and the cooperation between enterprises in the different countries in the European Union.

Who are we?

Balkan Small Business Association includes over 20 organizations of small and medium enterprises from 10 Balkan countries and Germany. The main goal is to support the development of the organizations and the services they provide to small and medium enterprises in the region.

E-Tel is a leading Bulgarian company in the field of e-marketing. It has years of experience in sales, marketing strategies and the promoting of different products on the internet.

Techstore is a relatively new and ambitious firm in the field of software products and computer and network maintenance. It’s experienced in optimization and improvement of company rating on the internet.

The Union of craftsmen and entrepreneurs in Nis, Serbia, is an organization, which unites the small and medium enterprises in Southeast Serbia. The organization gains in popularity amongst economical subjects, as well as in the field of social-economic partnership. It represents the Union of employers in Southeast Serbia and works hard to prepare personal ressources for the small and medium enterprises in the region.