About Us


BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU is an online catalog for presentation and promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises in South East Europe.  It is the result of successful cooperation between organizations of craft enterprises and SMEs in South East Europe, the Balkan Small Business Association as an international association of SMEs, and the Techstore Ltd and the E-Tel Ltd from Bulgaria.

   The major objective and use of the company catalog is to enhance the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the region in their effort to reach new markets, new customers and to join the European market.

   BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU is a unique product and tool in terms of its scale and outreach and it gives the chance to small and medium enterprises in South East Europe to present their activity, products and services in a simple, good-looking and customer-oriented manner, without making a big investment in terms of time, staff, optimization and money.

   BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU is a platform where the companies can present their products and services and gives an unlimited space for promotion not only of companies active on the local or internal market but also for internationally active companies. It is open to companies of various branches, size and legal form.

   The business catalog is supported by the following legal entities:

  • Balkan Small Business Association  
  • Techstore Ltd
  • E-Tel Ltd
  • Association of Entrepreneurs and Craftsmen of Nis

   BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU is a tool for acceleration of the business cooperation between companies in South East Europe and their greater visibility. It is seen as an opportunity for new markets reach and new chances for the businesses in the region. 

    BUSINESS-PROFILES.EU serves both companies and their potential customers in South East Europe and in the European Union as a whole.


  •    New image of the economy!
  •    Great quality of goods and services!
  •    Rich and transparent market!

   Easy access to a wide range of goods and services by the customers!